Travel Essentials

ACT NOW To Make YOUR Holiday Run Smoothly –

There is nothing worse than being unprepared for your holiday, however. With this in mind, we have put together an easy check-list of valuable services that will help your holiday run more smoothly and enhance your holiday experience.

Don’t Leave Things to the Last Minute –

Please take a moment now just to check through the following – Remember, we’re here to help and shall be pleased to answer any questions you might have.

If there is a particular service or arrangement that you are interested in and we have missed from our list below, please do not hesitate to let us know - we’d be delighted to assist.

Checked / Hold Luggage

For most flights you will already have a hand luggage allowance of between 5kg and 10kg. If you feel that this might not be enough, we would be pleased to advise you on current prices charged by your airline and arrange checked / hold luggage for you if required.


Pre-booked Seats for Flights

Some budget airlines such as Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Jet2 etc assign seats during the check-in process. In most cases passengers travelling together will be seated together but occasionally when there are only a few seats left, it might not be possible to seat people together. If you would like the extra peace-of-mind knowing that you will be guaranteed to sit next to each other.


Airport Parking

If you are taking your car to the airport, we are able to arrange airport parking at most UK airports at very competitive prices and would be pleased to provide a quote.


Airport Lounges

Once you arrive at the airport, why not relax in style before your flight in one of the VIP lounges? We can arrange pre-booked lounge access for your comfort and convenience at very competitive prices.


Airport Transfers

When you arrive at your destination, it is a big relief knowing that you have airport transfers arranged in advance and you haven’t got to negotiate fares with local taxis. We can assist with all your airport transfers and advise on the most cost effective options. Pre-booked public transport can cost as little as £5 per person each way and shuttle transfers are around £15 to £25 per person depending on destination.


Tours & Special Offers

We have a vast range of fantastic tours and special offers for most destinations which we are pleased to make available to you. Please find below the links to lists of tours that are available for your destination (and others that might be of interest in the future) along with current prices. If anything is of interest to you, just let us know and we can send you further detailed information. Lists of Tours for: France | Germany | Greece | Italy | Malta | Netherlands | Norway | Spain | Sweden | Turkey


Luggage Tags

In most cases your luggage will arrive at your destination at the same time as you do. Occasionally, things can go wrong and your luggage can become separated from you. Our Luggage Tags not only provide a way for you to easily identify your luggage but also provide a tracing service where we are able help reunite you with your lost luggage.


International Mobile Phone Sim Cards

Keep in touch while you are away. You will be able to phone home as often as you like using these International Sim Cards and you won’t run up a big bill. We have partnered with one of the leading sim-card providers in the UK.