Before You Fly

Baggage Information

Book your Bags in Advance

If you wish to book hold luggage or arrange for an extra luggage allowance, it is important to book in advance as airlines charge a substantial fee at the airport - your agent will be happy to assist.

Most airlines include 10kg of hand or cabin luggage as standard when a flight is booked. There are some airlines, however, that only allow 7kg and others that allow up to 23kg.

It is important to check with your agent if you are not sure what your Cabin Baggage Allowance is, as the airlines will make a substantial charge at the airport if your baggage has to be checked into the hold.

Some airlines allow an additional personal bag which must be stored under the seat in front of you.

If your flight is booked with a Scheduled Airline, hold luggage is usually included (from 20kg to 23kg), but there are exceptions. Most economy airlines charge an additional fee for hold luggage and the cost varies. Please check with your agent if you are unsure about your luggage allowance and if you would like to take hold luggage.

Check In

Website Check-in

Most airlines now offer a website check-in facility where you are able to submit your passport details, complete the check-in process and obtain your boarding passes. We are please to provide this service for you.

For some airlines, it is still necessary to complete the check-in process at the airport, where your boarding passes will be issued.

In addition, there are some airlines that operate a policy where pre-booked seats must be purchased if you wish to receive your boarding passes in advance.

We will let you know what particular arrangements are in place with the airline you are flying with.

A few airlines have started to operate a Mobile Check-in service where your boarding pass details are sent to your mobile phone and then later scanned at the airport.

Not all airlines operate this service, however and all airports do not provide the facility for scanning your mobile phone.

While this technology is in its infancy, we would recommend taking printed paper copies of all your travel documents.

Airport Information

Airport Parking

We are able to arrange safe and secure airport parking at all UK airports - including self-parking and Meet & Greet valet parking. For competitive prices please ask your agent.

Why not relax in style at the airport whilst waiting to board your flight?.

Where available, we are able to arrange access to the airport lounges where you enjoy the hospitality of quiet and comfortable surroundings - not to mention the complimentary drinks and snacks.

If you would like us to arrange lounge access, please contact your Travel Consultant.

It is important that you check if any of your flight times have changed. If we receive notification of a schedule change we will inform you immediately.

We will ask you for a mobile phone number before you travel so we can keep in touch and notify you of any changes that we might receive from the airline.

Visa, Passport, ESTA


Please remember to check the validity of your passport - for most countries it needs to be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your holiday, but this can vary.

It is important that you check if a Visa is required for you to travel to your destination. Some countries, such as Egypt and Jordan for example, allow you to purchase a visa upon arrival at the airport. Other countries will allow you to purchase a visa online before you travel.

Here are some Useful Links:

Visa Check:

USA Electronic System for Travel Authorisation:

Turkish Visa – Online Application:

Before you fly, you are required to submit your passport details to the airline in advance of your flight.

We are pleased to complete this service for you and will send you an email no later than four weeks before your date of travel requesting Advance Passenger Information.

This information is then submitted to the airline on your behalf who then forward it to the UK Border Control Agency. The information is deleted from the airline's system once your flight is completed.

Special Assistance

Wheelchair Requests

If you are a wheelchair user or are travelling with someone who uses a wheelchar or someone with reduced mobility, please let your Travel Consultant know and they will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements for you with the airline and the airport.

If you have special dietary requirements due to health, lifestyle or religious reasons, please let your Travel Consultant know and they will be pleased to make any necessary arrangements.

If you, or a person you are travelling with has any special requirements, has a medical device fitted, needs to carry a large quantity of medication, requires oxygen or might experience any type of difficulty whilst travelling, please do let us know - we will do everything we can to assist.

Travelling with Children

Child/Infant Booking Information

The UK government has recently abolished Air Passenger Duty for children under 12 years of age. This will be reflected in the final price of your airfare.

Infants under the age of two years do not pay a full fare and there is only usually a nominal charge made.

A child who is booked on a full child fare and is travelling in their own seat will have their own luggage allowance similar to the adults flying in their party.

An infant travelling on a reduced fare and sitting on an adult's lap will have a reduced luggage allowance to allow the responsible adult to carry the necessary items to take care of the infant.

Flying can be a frightening experience, especially for young children and it is advisable to be aware of any fears your child might have and if they suffer from travel sickness. Scheduled Airlines will often try to provide entertainment packs for children durin the flight.